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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7ldHL1CEsk”][vc_column_text]Explore Romania all year round- ROMANIA THROUGH MY EYES!

After almost a year of exploring Romania, I thought how nice it would be to put together all the videos materials and some photos near a decrypting text about this project: Romania through my eyes 2017- Explore Romania all year round, and share it with you.

IN THE SPRING discover Danube River- the second largest river Delta in Europe after the Volga river, Danube Delta- the best preserved on the continent. This amazing wild corner of the world hosts around 3450 animal species and 1700 plant species. Sand dunes in Letea forest and Caraorman forest- the only tropical forest in Romania. Here you can find the table of silence and a fountain, also a very old oak tree called the oak kneeling.


VISCRI: The village where Prince Charles of Wales highlighted the beauty and the real treasure of the Saxon area

The old and so beautiful Evanghelic Church of Viscri which is a UNESCO PATRIMONIO

And in the present one of the most well restored villages in Romania

It is expressing pure authenticity in all its forms: arhitecture and culture, cuisine (home-made recipes), nature, fresh air, hiking, biking, riding horses, carriage rides


  • Visit the White Church, manual brick factory, ironmongery-traditional workshop
  • Picnic at the sheepfold

Another Saxon Village

CRIT- A neighbour to the village of Viscri, as well as saxon guest houses with big rooms and painted furnitures. Lovely views towards and from the hills with peaceful landscapes and fresh air.

SIGHISOARA- one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a landmark of Saxon heritage in Romania. The city was built in the 12th century and it is situated in the heart of Transylvania. It is also known as the birthplace of Romanian ruler Vlad Tepes, or Dracula, as it was named by the writer Bram Stocker. Full of cobbled streets, colorful buildings and pedestrian-friendly fairy-tale-like fortified city, you can visit here:

  • the birth place of Dracula aka Vlad Dracula ka Vlad Tepes
  • the clock tower and a torture museum
  • the church on the Hill
  • the church of the Dominican Monastery
  • climb the hils and enjoy a lovely view without paying a cent

Beautiful authentic GUEST HOUSE from 1568- part of the WORLDHERITAGE SITE- UNESCO.

EMERALD LAKE situated close to Racos village and to an active vulcano, well known for the turquise lake formed around basalt quarry.

Medieval castel Sukosd-Bethlen close to Emerald Lake, beautiful and old historic monument dated from 16th century.

Fagaras fortress- the 2nd most beautiful fortress in the world according to huffingtonpost.com, the fortress that was never conquered. During the rule of Transylvanian Prine Gabriel Bethlen Fagaras city was named “the city of queens”.

Amazing picturesque villages and old saxon fortified churches like the one in Biertan Village- another Saxon Unesco World Heritage. Inside Biertan’s 15th century chuch there is a 300-year-old ‘marital prison’ used to avert divorce. Very famous for its medieval marital prison, the church hosted a small room where couples whose marriage was on the rocks were locked in for up to 6 weeks by the local bishop. The intention was to iron out their problems and avert a divorce.

Dig in and find out more about Romanian culture and history at ASTRA PARK IN SIBIU. Situated in the heart of the Sibiu city. Do not miss this place if you visit the country: full of green places: trees and shrubs, wonderful lake and chilling atmosphere. The park hosts 9 busts of the most impoortant Romanian personalities.

Spend the autumn 2018 in BRAN and visit the well known DRACULA’S castle. A Landmark for Romanian tourism, Bran castle is located close to Brasov City, at the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Dated from 13th century this Transylvanian palace is hardly forgotten and one of the most visited places in Romania. Amazing hills that draw perfect landscapes that seem beautiful and unreal.

Carpethians mountains cover 910 km on the Romanian teritory where the maximum hight is situated in Fagaras mountains and is called Moldoveanu Pick.

The castle from Porumbacu is build only from natural materials, the walls are made from a mix between earth water, straw, clay and sand. The roof is made by spindle shingle, and the towers are made of river stone. This is a great place from where you can enjoy the view next to a river and soon accomodate in this fairytale place close to Sibiu.

Then we end up our journey in Pestera village where is a beautiful place for yoga and wellness lovers. Here you can enjoy yoga classes, massage, hot-tub, hikings and so on. So just relax and stretch from your daily schedule, just breath, digital ditox and follow the gong’s noise and follow @andreeamadlen on Instagram and Andreea Madlen Blog on Facebook

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p.s. If you are interested to discover one place in particular check out the link below to read more about almost all the places from the video to see pictures and full videos of each place:X

Website: http://www.andreeamadlen.com/ro/


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