Yoga, a way of life!

It so happened that, recently, I was talking with a friend about yoga. What we found to be incredibly amusing were all the misconceptions that exist in the mind of some people, born maybe from lacking information. I don’t want to describe even a single one of these impressions since I find them to be peculiar, for lack of a better word.

If “within America, you find a yoga studio at every corner” (citing a lady coming from Christopher Columbus’ lands), in our country those who hold true beliefs about this practice are in small number to say the least. I don’t really think that “sport” is an appropriate word for it… it’s rather a way of life, or at least that’s how it is in my case.








As for why I think it is a way of life:

  • It helps you rediscover yourself
    If you’re lost in your routine: home life, family, job and so on and so forth, take some time each week to be alone with yourself. The conscious breathing exercises, warming up the body through light exercise, the sun’s greeting, sequences that tonify the body and meditation, all of these can bring about not only physical, but also emotional improvements — they help you take in better all the various trials of life. It is thus that you can learn to accept what is needed in life, and reject all that is toxic.
  • It makes you a better person
    It is not a coincidence that people often say that after practicing yoga, one enters a “zen” state. Mentally, you are considerably calmer, while physically a lot more relaxed, and in time you may develop that emotional intelligence essential for all those who wish to be equilibrated and calm. Being mindful of what happens and how we feel helps us live in the present, making us able to take rational decision, calmly and tactfully. Not only will you be at peace with yourself, but you will have better relationships with all those that are dear to you in life: kids, your significant other, parents, friends, etc.








  • It helps you feel better and have higher self-esteem
    Stretching, breathing exercises, all the steps of a yoga session helps relax your nervous system, tone the muscles, increase joint mobility, your skin will become clean and bright, it can help the respiratory and hormonal system, while being frequently recommended for those with mild depression, and the list goes on. All these positive changes can be felt internally, but also seen externally — and when you feel better, you also look better.
  • It helps you surpass yourself
    After you are able to take to heart where you are presently (from a physical standpoint, but also emotional), you will be able to master certain yoga poses, and slowly but surely, you will start to want to enter and keep other more challenging poses.







So, for those who already practice yoga, how has it changed your life?

And for those wishing to start, I am open to answer any questions you may have.

Best wishes,






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